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Het Laagland creates unique family theatre that takes children seriously, tickles teenagers and touches adults. We encourage children and adults to discover their own passion and motivation: who are you, what can you do and what do you want to go for?
The audiences, programmers, teachers and press admire our layered stories with inspiring titles that appeal to everyone's imagination. The consistent quality distinguishes Het Laagland from others. Our shows attract a wide public of all ages. Laagland’s energetic theatre group, with its passionate actors, tours numerous theatres in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Our shows are making an impression beyond Europe, which resulted in playing in New York in the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Het Laagland creates theatre that makes you grow. Come and grow with us!

The Peter Pan Experience

For everyone between 8 and 108 years old

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A quirky family production for both high-flyers and low-flyers. Surely unmistakably recognisable for anyone who deals with, is or wants to become an adult.

A stage filled with nightstands and floor lights. This is Neverland, a twilight zone between dreaming and waking. Anything could happen here. Anything you can see or can imagine. If you are not able to do that anymore, your invisible host Peter Pan is there to help you to find it again. Five adults will be dropped in Neverland. They lost their power of imagination. Neverland will become the adventure of their lives.

Classy suits and barefoot outrage. Black ties become Indian feathers and the adults are having fun and dare to dream again. Playfully they lose just enough ground under their feet to fly like their host. Visuals, music, singing, dancing and special effects. On the edge of your seat we take you from one surprise to another one. Peter Pan has all kinds of tricks to give these adults a good dust-off. This show is recognizable for anyone who is or has to deal with an adult. And who will become one.

Together with Junges Ensemble Stuttgart, Laagland director Inèz Derksen already developed a successful version of Expedition Peter Pan in 2012. This eccentric German version now has a sassy Dutch sister.

Reviews from programmers

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, Galway, Ireland:
"Everyone who has come into our office the last few days has been raving about the show, it's the most talked about and loved show I think we've ever had and we're so grateful to you for coming here. Our audiences certainly did embrace the show - the reaction was amazing! I went to a school show on Friday, and the children were bouncing in their seats, dancing along, laughing at everything and they absolutely loved it. It was one of my all time highlights at our festival. It was just the happiest moment. Went to see the show a second time on Sunday and loved it even more. It's just a fantastic show, my face hurt from smiling afterwards and we were all so full of joy. Such a lovely company, great people, and it was a pleasure to have them here. After storm Ophelia and the unfortunate start to the festival, Het Laagland was definitely just what we needed!"

Press reviews
**** De Volkskrant 23-02-2015

**** 21-02-2015

Production details
Family theatre for everyone between 8 and 108 years old | Duration: 70 minutes.

Cast & crew
Concept: Inèz Derksen & Christian Schönfelder | Director: Inèz Derksen | Cast & Script: Aafke Buringh, Lennart Monaster, Gijs Nollen, Folmer Overdiep & Kim Berkenhagen / Kiki van Aubel | Stage design: Bas Zuyderland | Costume: Jorine van Beek | Dramaturgy: Ludo Costongs

For bookings or further information about the play, please contact Simone Mager by email at or +31 (0)46 400 72 73

This production can be performed both in German, English and Dutch.

An Ordinary Hero

For everyone between 8 and 108 years old

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A high-energy and lively play about four superheroes about to undertake a challenging mission: to be ordinary. Full of bravado, they jump, fly, and fall into a whole bunch of embarrassing situations.

Four superheroes have had enough of being responsible for trying to make the world a better place and always having to live up to everyone's sky-high expectations. The superheroes throw away their costumes and shake off all their superpowers and super-skills. They don't want to feel the constant pressure to be good at everything any more! These four just want to be ordinary: they want to be ordinary people, with ordinary powers, and ordinary thoughts. It's wonderful not to always have to be the best! It's fantastic not to always 'get’ everything! And it's great not to be able to do everything right and to be allowed to make mistakes!

But this change is not as easy as they had expected. As the four superheroes slowly start to become more ordinary, they discover why it is so difficult to be yourself. No longer having super-strength is nice, but not being able to open a jam jar is a little embarrassing. And suddenly having to deal with failure is a whole new experience for them! Do you need to be a hero not to be a hero? Doesn't that make you a hero anyway? That's a conundrum even for a ordinary hero!

The four former superheroes decide to take on this 'mission impossible’ as they share their experiences and discover a whole new world. An Ordinary Hero takes you on a super-adventure with these fantastic four and their very familiar thoughts and experiences.

‘These are fantastic times in which so much is possible and so much is allowed,’ says Lennart Monaster, the director of An Ordinary Hero. ‘But that also means that we need to be a super-version of ourselves just to keep up with everything and everyone. It is exhausting trying to keep track of all the friend requests on social media, do well in school exams, multitask, fly, excel at horse riding, and fall and then get up and try again. It seems that everything you do has to be at the highest level. The standards of our achievement-oriented society are constantly being raised, even for children. I recently heard about a nine-year-old girl who suffered a burnout! But how do we lower the bar? The answer to this is definitely worth exploring, and in An Ordinary Hero we embark on that quest with four superheroes who are done with being super.’

Following George & the Dragon Tamers which won the ‘Zapp Theaterprijs’ public award for youth theatre, Het Laagland presents a new play about heroes, An Ordinary Hero, directed by Lennart Monaster, who also directed A Visitor for Bear (winner of the ‘De Zilveren Krekel’ theatre award for best youth production in the Netherlands) and The Little Cowboy.


‘Four insecure superheroes that you can't help but fall in love with... The four actors turn their characters into beautiful, sensitive personalities. In An Ordinary Hero, director Lennart Monaster holds up a mirror to the audience. We all struggle with that bar which we often set so high for ourselves that it is all we can see.’  - De Limburger **** 

‘This busy and energy-filled youth production presents a counterbalance for our achievement-oriented society. The actors received lessons from the Dutch Thai boxing champion, which can be seen in their jumping skills and explosive nimbleness, as they jump around the stage like heroes in a Japanese action cartoon. The backflips performed by Van Aubel are spectacular to see.’  - Theaterkrant


‘Superheroes suffering a breakdown: the youth production An Ordinary Hero shows in a fun way what the causes and consequences of a burnout are... The four superheroes are their own worst enemies.’  - De Volkskrant ***

‘It's a great production presented honestly, naturally, and with humour.’

Click here to read the entire article by Go-Kids (in Dutch only)


‘The set appeals to the imagination... The costumes are spectacular: authentic superhero suits. Theatrical and relevant using all the magic and enchantment of theatre. Click here to read the entire article by Kidsproof (in Dutch only)


Mirel van de Laar, mother of two girls aged 9 and 10:

‘This play addresses the normalisation of the high standards that we set for ourselves. It was also a familiar theme for my two girls, who immediately said that they had learned something from this production and told me: “Mum, it's also very important to take care of yourself.” This was an especially important lesson for my eldest who sets very high standards for herself in everything she does.’

For bookings or further information about the play, please contact Simone Mager by email at or +31 (0)46 400 72 73

This production can be performed both in German, English and Dutch.


Concept & direction: Lennart Monaster, based on an idea of Inèz Derksen
Cast: Kiki van Aubel, Aafke Buringh, Gijs Nollen, and Folmer Overdiep
Script advisor: Benny Lindelauf
Dramaturgy: Ludo Costongs
Design: Douwe Hibma
Costumes: Liesje Knobel
Lighting design: Erik van Raalte
Music and sound design: Kaveh Vares & Rutger Muller
Assistant director: Silke van Kamp
Technical design and production: Roger Foxius & Maarten van Dorp
Visual design: Joost Milde & Studio Denk

(Upcoming in 2020)
Cannon Fodder

 A musical percussion spectacle with whisks, pots, and pans

An exciting, funny, and magical story about how the cold heart of a surly army cook is warmed by an unexpected friendship. It is so tear-jerking that it would even make a fish cry. 

During the hard times of war, army cook Tortot has only one goal in mind: saving his own skin. So when he thinks his army is going to lose the next battle, he packs his things and leaves. This master chef, whose heart is said to be as cold as a fish at the bottom of the ocean, is always looking out for number one: himself. 

That is until he meets Half-George, a young wounded soldier boy who nearly became cannon fodder in the line of fire. Tortot grudgingly takes this cheery, young, talkative boy with him. Together they magically blunder their way through the most barren of times. Eventually Tortot comes up with a brilliant culinary master plan to end this absurd war once and for all and save the life of Half-George.

Cannon fodder is an entertaining theatrical feast for the whole family, from children aged eight and older to adults. With a full serving of friendship, a dash of quarrelsome fools, and a big dollop of adventure. Including musical fireworks and percussion as the icing on the cake. Based on the award-winning children's book Tortot, The Cold Fish Who Lost His World and Found His Heart by Benny Lindelauf. 

For bookings or further information about the play, please contact Simone Mager by email at or +31 (0)46 400 72 73

This production can be performed both in German, English and Dutch.


Cast: Gijs Nollen, Folmer Overdiep, Jessie Wilms + two actors who will be announced at a later date 
Concept & direction: Lennart Monaster
Script: Benny Lindelauf
Design: Douwe Hibma
Costumes: Liesje Knobel


The Little Cowboy

A wild-western for little cowboys and big bandits

This Western with Dutch roots is about being small in a big world. The Little Cowboy takes you on an adventure full of macho cowboys and singing cactuses, complete with a gritty soundtrack and live sound effects.

Once upon a time, actually quite recently, there lived a dead normal boy on a dead normal farm. With cows and buckets, tractors and wild cats, lots of grass and at least seven dikes. His name is Boy. And Boy has one special cow. The cuddly cow, Cow.

But suddenly Cow is gone. He is not in the shed and not in the field. In the distance, mooing can be heard. Is Cow being cownapped? Is he leaving? Boy doesn’t have a choice, but to pull on his bravest boots and follow.

So starts the adventure of Boy and Cow. Pasture changes to desert sand. Cars are no longer seen, replaced by horse draw postal carriages and here and there a bank robber galloping past. Boy lands in the Wildest Western and meets the strangest characters…

From the makers of ‘A Visitor for Bear’, winner of the Zilveren Krekel 2016.

Art director Lennart Monaster about his inspiration for the play:
“I loved playing cowboys, I love Western music and I love adventure. The Wild West is the place for rough adventures. But how do you do that as a little cowboy in a big, exciting world? Are you scared? Do you play big and shout with the big cowboys? Or do you find a different path? Do you have to be as hard as the world around you? Or can you turn it around? These questions pull me to the romance of the Wild West. The world is big and daring to stay small in such a world is a big adventure.”

Production details
Family theatre for everyone between 4 and 104 years old | Duration: 55 minutes.

Cast & crew
Director: Lennart Monaster | Cast: Gijs Nollen & Folmer Overdiep | Dramaturgy: Ludo Costongs | Music and sound design: Joris Erwich | Design: Douwe Hibma | Costumes: Liesje Knobel | Light design: Sander Salden | Art director’s assistant: Celine Daemen | Technique: Roger Foxius | Campaign photo: Gregor Ramaekers

For bookings or further information about the play, please contact Simone Mager by email at or +31 (0)46 400 72 73

This Laagland production can be performed both in German, English and Dutch.